Melton firefighters rescue farm animal at Brooksby

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A team of 15 firefighters rescued a calf after it fell down an embankment into a river at Brooksby.

An alert was sent out after the distressed animal was discovered in a field near to the agricultural college.

Crews from Melton and Birstall plus a heavy rescue unit from the Southern station in Leicester attended the incident, at 8.30am on Friday.

Scott Smith, one of the Melton firefighters on the scene, said: “When we arrived there was a crowd of people there and the calf was lying on its side.

“We had 15 blokes there and in the end we used strops and manpower to haul it up the embankment and out of the river.

“It was hard work. The calf was a bit shook-up and the farmer took it off to the vet’s for a check-up.”

Mr Smith added: “We used to deal a lot with this kind of incident - we’ve rescued sheep and horses as well - but we don’t get as many of them these days.”