Howard Rose: “Nowhere else in the country is like Melton”

Howard performed at Notting Hill Arts Club
Howard performed at Notting Hill Arts Club
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A year is a long time for most of us, but not for Melton born singer songwriter Howard Rose. The local superstar has wasted no time in releasing an EP, touring the UK and getting signed to a London based management company, all since being mentored by Sir Tom Jones on the live shows of last year’s BBC talent show ‘The Voice.’

Now that the programme is up and running again Howard talks about his quest for stardom, but most importantly, how he is handling his own expectations.

The musician is set to release his first album this year

The musician is set to release his first album this year

“2015 was a really interesting year, full of ups and downs. I think a lot of people, when they leave a show like The Voice expect a degree of contact with the team you’ve been working with for so long, but the reality is you’re on your own.

“I had a feeling it was going to be like this, you know, it’s just people doing their job well at the end of the day, all of the emotional investment and time put in by a large group of people on the production team will make you feel like they are your extended family, so it can be hard to experience the reality of losing so many new acquaintances all at once.

“Once leaving the show I worked really hard with some great friends to produce my first EP, Make It Easy. We then took the record on a small UK tour with fellow Voice contestant Daniel Duke, before bringing the tour to Melton Theatre which was the most wonderful experience, and my favourite gig to date.

“A few months after the show I managed to secure a UK booking agent and have recently signed with a London based management company. I’ve continued to write and record over the course of the last year and I’ve also been out gigging a lot.

“Towards the end of last year talks started with Luke Oldfield and Zephyr Music about making a record together at Tilehouse Studios just outside of London. We decided to look at a new track I’d been writing called The Sailor and had a great time recording it with the band.

“I had my first ever single launch at Notting Hill Arts Club in December and again, the Melton folk made a huge impact on the success of the night. I organised a coach to pick up and drop off from Wilton Road, and I can’t thank the people enough for taking the time out to come and support us at Notting Hill.”

Despite his achievements, the young musician is always keen to thank those who have supported him on his journey so far and remember where his passion for music began.

“Everyone has been so supportive all over the UK, but no where else in the country is like Melton. The warmth, love and support from everyone at home has been incredible. The extra attention is the biggest compliment I think. People recognising what I do and wanting to connect with that is massively humbling. Sometimes when I’m out and on the fourth or fifth selfie attempt I feel a little like I’m in an episode of Extras or something, but it’s lovely.”

Howard is hoping to release his first album this year but stresses he wants it to connect and diversify with people of all ages and genres.

“I think my style and songwriting is constantly adapting, for better or worse. I’m influenced by so many different things and I really struggle to stay in once place musically for a large amount of time. My main interest is practising and developing my songwriting and production knowledge. I think musically things have moved in a slightly different direction since Make It Easy was released in July, but the most important theme that runs through my style and songwriting is honesty. I want to connect with people and do it in a genuine way.

“I want my first album to be quite focussed in its sound, something classic sounding but with a modern edge. I think I will also be trying to push the established sound as much as possible in to new territories. I’ve been working on quite a diverse collection of songs so it will be interesting to see which ones make the final cut.”

Globetrotting could also be on the cards during 2016 with the singer considering taking his talents abroad.

“I’ll be doing lots of gigging. I’m recording a new single next month and looking to release something for Record Store Day in April. There will be a new EP out this summer and I hope to have the album written and recorded by December. I’ll be working really hard with my manager to get some good international dates booked in too.

“For the immediate future I’ve got a little tour of these Red’s True BBQ joints at the end of the month running through to the middle of February which I’m looking forward to. Then there’s an evening in Manchester supporting a couple of old friends at Night and Day, and another acoustic show at The Barfly in London.

“At the end of the month I’m over at The Soundhouse in Leicester so that should be fun too.

“Perhaps I need to organise another coach!”