Home at last! Cat reunited with Melton owners two years after she went missing

A relieved Lucy and daughter Kera clutching Jessie PHOTO: Tim Williams
A relieved Lucy and daughter Kera clutching Jessie PHOTO: Tim Williams
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A cat found in Melton has been reunited with its owners two years after she went missing.

Jessie a black domestic short haired cat lived happily with her owners, until she vanished one day.

They searched and they searched, but after such a long time, her beloved family had given up hope of finding her.

Now they have been left shocked to hear Jessie has been found off Leicester Road after being abandoned by strangers.

The lost pet was briefly taken in by a female resident on Gretton Court and then collected by the RSPCA who returned the feline to it’s rightful home in Ullswater Road on Sunday.

Luckily Jessie was microchipped so even after all this time she was able to be reunited with her owners Lucy Beresford and 11-year-old daughter Kera Lowe.

Lucy said: “Losing Jessie was heartbreaking and Kera was devastated. We weren’t sure if she was alive anymore and were expecting someone to knock on the door one day and tell us she had died.

“We’re overwhelmed to have her back and have been spoiling her with plenty of love and affection. It just goes to show that getting your pet microchipped is definitely worthwhile.

“Kera and I would like to thank the lady who looked after her temporarily and then phoned the RSPCA. This is definitely the best Christmas present we could ask for as a family.”