Hollie's Aussie TV show break

Five-month contract in Australia for Gaddesby actress Hollie Chapman (13)

YOUNG Gaddesby actress Hollie Chapman flew to Australia yesterday to begin a five-month contract on a new TV show.The 13-year-old will appear in a 22-part series called Koala Kings which will be shown Down Under and here on Channel 5.And the job will provide an experience of a lifetime for her grandmother too.Hollie, a pupil at Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, was told she had won the part by her mum Sharon after returning home to Chapel Lane for the weekend."Im over the moon about it, I couldnt believe it. But I will miss my family and all my friends from school," she said.Koala Kings is a childrens series about a family emigrating to Australia after the death of Hollies characters father."Jemmas got an older brother. She hates her brother. Shes girlie and very mature and well spoken and always looking for an argument with her mum."Hollie will be chaperoned in Sydney by her grandmother Eunice Little, who on Friday retired after 35 years with Pukka Pies in Syston. "I get on very well with my nan," she said.And the former Gaddesby Primary School pupil will also be supported with a personal tutor for the duration of the trip.Mum Sharon said: "I dont feel too bad about it now as my mum is going with her as a chaperone, and Im used to her being away at school."Hollie, who has four siblings Jasmin (12), Klay (10), Cash (6) and Poppie (4) will stay on at Sylvia Young until shes 16.And then afterwards? "I want to be Julia Roberts," she said. She is well on the way after appearances in Holby City, The Archers, Annie, The Sound of Music and brief scenes in the Ali G and Harry Potter films.