Support group needs venue

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A renewed appeal has been made for a meeting place to be offered for use by a new support group for people suffering from depression.

A Melton branch of the charity, Rethink Mental Illness, is being formed but members currently have nowhere to meet.

Organisers have been looking for a venue, which needs to be central in the town and accessible, for more than a month

A spokesperson said: “We were offered one location in Melton but it wasn’t suitable unfortunately.

“We can’t afford to pay for a venue so we are hoping someone might come forward and offer theirs for us to use.

“There is certainly a need for a group like this in Melton.

“More people are now seeking help for depression so it is important that a group lie this is here to help them.”

Meetings would be held once a week for three hours and a premises able to take up to 20 people is required.

Anyone who would like to offer a building for the group free of charge is invited to call the Melton Times on 01664 410041 and we will forward details on to them.