Melton opticians use new space station technology to raise awareness and funds in support of first Macular Week

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A Melton opticians is using space station technology to raise awareness of macular disease and raise funds towards vital research into the sight loss causing condition.

Independent Graham Coe Opticians, which has a practice in Burton Street, has been supporting the first Macular Week (July 6-12).

The macular is an area in the eye and, when diseased, it can affect the central part of the retina and cause loss of central vision.

Graham Coe will be donating £5 for every patient who has a scan on their new state-of-the-art Spectralis OCT eye scanner this month to help fund research. The new scanner - one of only a few in the country - helps to detect, diagnose and monitor macular disease plus a whole range of eye conditions. It was even selected by NASA for use on the international space station to investigate eye changes associated with living in zero gravity.

Hilary Coe, director and dispensing optician at Graham Coe, said: “Early diagnosis is critical for treatment of the underlying causes and prevention of sight loss. Using the Spectralis we can examine tiny details that help us detect eye disease at a very early stage.”