Guinea pig which travelled more than a mile from Thorpe Arnold to Melton is reunited with owner after Facebook appeal

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A runaway guinea pig has been reunited with its Thorpe Arnold owner after being found more than a mile away in Melton.

Andrea Lovegrove’s beloved pet ‘Miss Piggy’ mysteriously escaped from a run at the bottom of her garden.

Somehow she steered clear of life-threatening hazards and made it all the way to Derek Ridealgh’s back garden in Copley Close, Melton.

Derek, who found ‘Miss Piggy’ in one of his shrubs, posted a picture of her on Facebook, urging people to share it with others in the faint hope of finding her owner.

About four days later Andrea, who works for R&R Country in Thorpe Arnold, was talking to a customer who had seen the Facebook post and put Andrea in touch with Mr Ridealgh’s son, James, before being recently re-united with the much-travelled pet.

Andrea said: “I was delighted to hear she’d been found alive and well. I was stunned that she managed to get so far considering all the hazards she would have faced. There are several foxes in the area and a badger sett on the hill let alone the roads and brook.

“I don’t know how she got out of the run. She lives with my daughter’s rabbit which didn’t escape.

“She’s absolutely fine now. After four days away grazing she probably looks even fatter now but she looks really well. I’m so grateful to get her back.”

Mr Ridealgh said: “A cat was looking very interested in one of my shrubs. I went to investigate and then found the little guinea pig. She’s had a hell of an adventure and I’m pleased she’s now back home.”