Firefighters tackle kitchen blaze in Melton

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Fire and Rescue news.
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Melton firefighters were called to a house fire in the town yesterday evening (Thursday) just after 9.20pm.

On arrival at the property, in Ewden Drive, they found a blaze in the kitchen, and all occupants of the house already outside.

An occupant was alerted to the fire by the smell of smoke and knocked back the flames using wet tea towels. Firefighters extinguished the remaining embers and checked for hot spots using a thermal image camera.

The fire was caused by the occupant accidently leaving the hob on following dinner and nearby tea towels are thought to have ignited and spread to a quantity of paper and kitchen units.

The incident has prompted crew manager for Melton Mowbray retained Scott Smith to stress the importance of smoke detectors.

He said: “Unfortunately, the property was not fitted with smoke detectors as the previous day the occupant had took it down as it was beeping indicating low battery.

“The fire service fitted two new alarms and recommends everyone checks their alarms before the batteries get low and replaces if necessary. All homes should be fitted with an alarm on each floor for early indication of a fire.”

Both of Melton’s fire engines attended and were on scene for about an hour.