Firefighters rescue occupant from blazing house near Melton

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Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus rescued a person after a blaze in a shed spread to two houses near Melton.

The individual was unaccounted for when a town crew arrived at the incident at Potters Hill in the early hours of Thursday.

Incident commander Phil Batten said: “Both houses were smoke-logged and two firefighters managed to locate the missing person who was upstairs in one of the properties.

“Initially, the strong winds hampered efforts but early intervention and six firefighters in breathing apparatus with firefighting hoses bought the incident to a rapid conclusion.”

The fire service and the occupants of the houses had fortunately been alerted by a passing lorry driver. When the first Melton crew arrived they found fire and embers from the shed travelling across the carriageway due to strong winds and spreading to two properties. An urgent request was sent out for a second town fire crew.

Mr Batten praised the response of his firefighters: “It’s incredible how quickly a standard shed fire turns into a two-house fire incident with persons reported inside.

“The urgency changes up a gear when people and homes are involved. The crews worked tirelessly to bring the fire under control and their performance was outstanding.”

The cause of the fire is believed to have been accidental, from discarded ash from a fireplace blowing onto the shed and igniting both properties. Melton fire crews were on the scene for three hours after being called out at 2.13am and a re-inspection was carried out by another town crew later in the morning.

More to follow.