Melton Council ‘considering’ three-weekly bin collections

Binmen at work
Binmen at work
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Residents have raised concerns after Melton Council was listed among English councils ‘considering’ switching to three-weekly bin collections.

Research carried out for ITV’s Tonight programme found that Melton Council was among English councils, who had responded, saying they were considering collecting bins every three weeks instead of every fortnight.

The programme contacted all councils in England and Wales to see how many had already switched to three weekly collections, with two in England and three in Wales already having done so.

According to the recently aired programme Melton was among five English councils who responded to say they were ‘considering’ switching to a three-weekly collection. The others were Cheltenham, Lancaster, Pendle and Salford.

Melton Council’s waste and environmental maintenance manager Raman Selvon said: “The council will shortly be inviting tenders for its waste contract, with the current contract due to expire in 2018.

“Those submitting tenders will include a service specification which, should they choose, will include three weekly collections. The council will evaluate all of the tenders received based on their specification and cost. No decision has yet been made.”

Here’s what some Melton residents have said about the prospect of a three-weekly bin collection.

In an email to the Melton Times Mark Ross wrote: “The three weekly bin collection worries me. Rubbish sitting in the bin for three weeks, particularly in warmer weather, is going to create bad smells and may increase other issues such as flies getting in and creating maggots.

“I’d also be concerned that if the capacity of bins given to residents isn’t increased this could lead to increased fly tipping or increased car journeys to the local refuse centre increasing local pollution.”

Commenting on Facebook Helen Mason said: “Oh no! A ridiculous idea that can only lead to health and safety problems.”

Trevor Dickinson said: “There would be rats everywhere. I suggest we all pay council tax three weekly and not four.”

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