Inspector to rule on Holwell wind turbine proposal

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A villager is challenging a Melton Council decision to refuse permission for a 259-feet-high wind turbine to be built in Holwell.

Geoff Skinner wants to install the turbine in a field off Clawson Road.

His application was refused by the council’s planning committee in August on grounds including that the turbine would have a ‘significant impact’ on the setting of the grade II listed windmill and ‘would constitute a prominent feature in the open countryside which would fail to protect or enhance its distinctive local character.’

Parish councils including those for Ab Kettleby, Long Clawson, Broughton and Dalby and Barkestone, Plungar and Redmile opposed the scheme as they deemed it would have an adverse effect on an attractive area of landscape and this outweighed any benefits from the production of green energy.

Mr Skinner said enough energy would be generated to power 540 homes every year.

He has now appealed to the Secretary of State in a bid to overturn the council’s decision. The appeal will be determined on the basis of written representations. All previous representations made to the council will be considered by the inspector.

l Ecotricity’s nine turbine wind park near Old Dalby is moving towards the final phase of construction.

The next phase will begin in late May when it starts excavating the turbine foundations. The turbines are due to be delivered later in the year.

The energy firm claims the park will make enough electricity to power the equivalent of nearly 5,500 homes each year and save around 7,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere annually.

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