Funding boost for Melton car park and town parks

Melton Town Estate Feoffee John Southerington consults plans for the scheme to upgrade the Wilton Park car park EMN-171108-171122001

A Melton town centre car park will be closed for 26 days next month so a £110,000 refurbishment scheme can be carried out on it.

The work, in the Wilton Park car park, is part of a major regeneration project planned by Melton Town Estate, which will also include new benches and extensive tree planting in the adjacent park.

The car park project will involve resurfacing and clearer markings for the 45 spaces available there.

It will close from September 4 to 29.

Town estate feoffee John Southerington said: “The car park desperately needs improvement so we will be investing £110,000 into doing the work next month.

“There will be double markers between the spaces and better signage.

“It’s important to note that when people park in a town estate car park all the proceeds are ploughed back into the charity for the benefit of Melton people.”

The town estate is seeking funding of up to £4,000 towards the cost of putting in new seats and planting in Wilton Park through a community scheme run by Tesco.

The charity hopes it will be one of three causes chosen by the Melton supermarket for its latest Tesco Bags of Help fundraising scheme.

Shoppers are asked to vote as they leave the store, with grants of £1,000, £2,000 and £4,000 then allocated according to which are the more popular causes.

The town estate will also be contributing to the planting work, which it says is aimed at making the parks more of a focal point in the town.

“It’s all about raising the crowns of the trees to improve the vista over the waterways,” said Mr Southerington.

“It will allow people on Wilton Road to see the trees and the parks more clearly.”

Wilton Park is one of six parks closely linked together and known collectively as The Queen Elizabeth II Fields.

He added: “We want to encourage more people to go into the parks, by putting in the planting and extra seating.

“It’s a healthy resource for Melton people and it is close to elderly residential properties like Gretton Court, Mowbray Court and Wilton Court and those residents would appreciate having more places to sit.”

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