Queniborough School pupils get a sweet delight during Cadbury World visit

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Children from Queniborough Primary School visited Cadbury World as part of their school project on rainforests this term.

Year 5 pupils were given the chance to taste the chocolate, discuss how it is made and packaged, learn where it originates from and look at other aspects of chocolate production during their visit to the attraction.

Pupils Madison Garner and Freya Burgess said: “We travelled a thousand years back in time to Mexico. Then walked through the Mayan Indians rainforest. We found out that the cocoa tree was central to their culture and we saw a picture of the Aztec Emperor Montezuma, whose favourite drink was chocolate.

“The man told us about the people who lived there and we watched mini theatre presentations about the arrival of chocolate coming to Europe. The best bit was when we got to taste melted chocolate and got to choose two toppings to go with it.”