Hard-working pupils and staff celebrate good Ofsted report for Asfordby Captains Close Primary School

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Rapid improvement being made at Asfordby Captains Close Primary School has been acknowledged by Ofsted inspectors.

The school’s latest report, due to be published on Ofsted’s website on Friday, rates the school as ‘good’ in all areas.

The school’s previous Ofsted report, in March 2012, rated it as ‘satisfactory’ under the old framework.

Inspectors, who visited the school last month, commented: “The school is rapidly improving because of the good leadership of the headteacher, her focus on raising pupils’ attainment and the positive culture she has created.

“School leaders have good relationships with parents, who talk very positively about how much they appreciate the way the school looks after their children and keeps them safe and happy.”

They added: “The school ensures pupils’ safety well and also promotes good behaviour and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This is preparing pupils well for the next stage in their education.

“The pupils who left Year 6 in 2014 made outstanding progress in writing and good progress in reading and maths from their levels at the end of Year 2. Pupils throughout the school are making better than expected progress.

“The reception class gives children a good start to their school lives. The range of activities provided is preparing them well for Year 1.”

The quality of teaching was also found to be ‘consistently good’, with inspectors also noting the governing body had ‘improved the ways it holds the school to account’.

Headteacher Julia Hancock said: “We’re very pleased and I’m very proud of everyone. I joined the school in September 2012 and we’ve worked very hard since then, as have all the staff and new staff who have joined us.

“Our interim early years foundation stage leader, who only joined us in October, and new senior leader have worked closely with myself and governors to ensure the school builds on the achievement and successes we celebrated last July.”

She added: “Our points for development are recognised as already happening but need to be embedded and more consistent to make us an ‘outstanding’ school.”