England International and current Hull City captain visits Stathern Primary School

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Former Nottingham Forest defender and current Hull City captain, Michael Dawson surprised Stathern Primary School pupils by gatecrashing their assembly.

He spoke to the children about being a footballer, what he enjoyed about it and his life before he became famous.

Headteacher Troy Jenkinson said: “The school have been doing a lot to raise the profile of sports in school, including developing a sports crew to encourage children to increase the amount of sport they do, so when Michael turned up it was a great boost and the children had a great time.

Michael added: “It was a real pleasure to visit Stathern Primary School and to get the opportunity to talk to them about my football career and the importance of working hard to achieve your dreams and goals.

“The children and staff were incredibly welcoming and kept me on my toes with some great questions.

“It’s also the first time I’ve been asked to sign a skateboard!”