Eaton author inspired by father to write new interpretation of Sherlock Holmes mysteries

Martin Davies.
Martin Davies.
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Following a best-selling novel selected as a Richard and Judy Book Club read, Eaton author Martin Davies is now taking on the most famous fictional detective, in his new series of mystery tales.

The Holmes and Hudson mysteries take a quirky sideways look at Sherlock Holmes - in Martin’s reimagining, the real sleuths at Baker Street are Holmes’ redoubtable housekeeper Mrs Hudson and her orphan protégée Flotsam.

Mrs Hudson and the Spirits' Curse, by Martin Davies.

Mrs Hudson and the Spirits' Curse, by Martin Davies.

It comes after Martin’s novel The Conjuror’s Bird, about the search for the mysterious bird of Ulieta, proved to be a big hit with readers and critics alike.

Explaining his decision to take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters in his new books, Martin said: “The Holmes & Hudson series began by accident. As a child my father used to bring me Sherlock Holmes stories from the local library, and when we talked about them he’d often conclude with the words “I bet that housekeeper of his would have a few stories to tell”.

“So when my father’s 70th birthday was approaching and I found myself stuck for a gift, it occurred to me that this was the time to tell him a few of Mrs Hudson’s stories. I sat down in a café and wrote the first chapter, about an orphan called Flotsam who is rescued from the streets by a stern housekeeper, and how the two of them end up in the service of Mr Sherlock Holmes.

“In all the Holmes & Hudson stories, I never suggest that Mrs Hudson is the real brains behind Holmes’ success. But in the original Holmes stories, we learn that the great detective has few social skills and is very ignorant about subjects that don’t relate to his own work. And it’s in these areas Mrs Hudson excels.”

Mrs Hudson and the Spirits’ Curse was a number 1 US bestseller in classic crime ebooks and a top 20 fiction bestseller, and the books are scaling the charts in the UK too. It is followed by the next in the series, Mrs Hudson and the Malabar Rose, which centres on a fabled ruby sent to Queen Victoria.

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