Cyclist says big thank you to first responder

Community First Responder Tim Frisby hands over a bunch of flowers to Jenni Stewart
Community First Responder Tim Frisby hands over a bunch of flowers to Jenni Stewart
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A CYCLIST has said a big thank you to a community first responder who leapt into action when she careered off her bike at speed - causing her to suffer a serious back injury.

Jenni Stewart (38), of Redbrook Crescent, Melton, was returning home from a 25-mile cycle ride with her partner Steve Smith when suddenly she was thrown over the handlebars of her bike at about 26mph coming to land on her head and back in Dalby Road.

Unsure what had happened, she managed to crawl to the side of the road to avoid approaching cars and luckily several motorists stopped to help including Tim Frisby, a community first responder for East Midlands Ambulance Service (Emas).

Jenni said: “I still don’t know what caused me to come off my bike because it all happened so quickly and I was in complete shock.

“I had ripped the top of my ear and that was bleeding a lot but couldn’t feel a lot else because the adrenalin had kicked in - I just felt winded.

“If Tim hadn’t been there I would probably have tried to shake it off and get up which could have been very dangerous considering I had sustained two burst fractures to my spine.”

Mr Smith, Jenni’s partner, said: “I heard a noise behind me and when I turned around I saw Jenni flying through the air.

“I leapt off my bike straight away and told her to lie still, thankfully within minutes Tim had arrived.

“Jenni counts herself incredibly lucky to still be here considering the fact that she fell onto her head, and in particular her temple; considering the damage done to her helmet her injuries could have been much worse if she hadn’t been wearing one.”

Jenni was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary where she stayed for a week; 12 weeks later she is still recovering from her injury and is starting physiotherapy at Melton Hospital soon.

She met up with Tim on Thursday at Melton Ambulance Station in Leicester Road to thank him for his help.

Tim (43) was on his way home with his family when he came across Jenni’s accident.

He said: “As a community first responder we don’t usually get called to incidents like that bur we are given training to know what to do.

“When I arrived I could see that Jenni was obviously in a lot of discomfort and I soon realised that she had a possible injury to her back.

“I focussed on protecting her neck and back until an ambulance arrived.”

Jenni, who works for the Princes Trust, said: “I can’t thank Tim enough for all he did.”