Woman tells of rape ordeal

Sarah Tetley on ITV's This Morning EMN-150120-173542001
Sarah Tetley on ITV's This Morning EMN-150120-173542001
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A woman who was raped and abused hundreds of times by her husband while she was asleep has spoken about her ordeal.

Sarah Tetley (27), formerly of Melton, spoke to ITV’s This Morning about the abuse she was subjected to by husband, Charlie, who secretly filmed the attacks.

Recalling the time she found her husband molesting her, on November 12, 2013, she said: “I woke up in the morning in that sort of drowsy, just waking up stage, and realised he was molesting me in my sleep.

“At the time, I thought I would just pretend to be still asleep to see what’s going on.”

Sarah said Tetley stopped ‘pretty quickly’ and she left the bedroom. When he’d gone to work she confided in a neighbour who encouraged her to call the police.

Officers unlocked files on Tetley’s computer and found 316 videos of him molesting Sarah.

She said: “I didn’t know what was in them but the officers said they were disgusting. Some of them seemed quite shocked by what was in them.”

In March, Sarah had to watch 16 of the videos.

She said: “In a couple of the videos you couldn’t hear me breathing. I didn’t appear to be moving and it did look like I was dead in some of them.”

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield said: “You can only assume that perhaps you were drugged, although the tests were inconclusive, because you would certainly have woken up.”

Sarah, who moved away from the Melton area last January, told the programme that she was currently on a waiting list to receive counselling.

She said: “I had trouble sleeping for quite a while, I didn’t really sleep for the first four or five months, I slept when I passed out.”

Since Sarah initially spoke to The Sun newspaper, her horrific story has been widely featured both nationally and internationally.

Speaking to the Melton Times this week she said: “It was pretty close to terrifying going on This Morning but they were very nice.

“I wanted my story to be heard but I didn’t expect it to have reached as far as it has.

“I’ve seen it has been tweeted by some domestic abuse websites and there have been lots of articles telling the story.

“Now I’ve been able to voice what I know and give my side to some extent, I hope it does some good.

“You can still have rape cases in marriage and if you’re being abused in any way you should tell someone about it.”

Tetley (33) was sentenced to 12 years in jail when he appeared at Leicester Crown Court in August. He pleaded guilty to five counts of rape, attempted rape, eight counts of assault by penetration, three counts of sexual assault and 10 counts of making indecent images of children. The offences were committed between January 2011 and October 2013.

Victims of rape and sexual violence can contact Rape Crisis for help and support via its freephone helpline 0808 802 9999 (open noon to 2.30pm or 7pm to 9.30pm) or visit www.rapecrisis.org.uk