Staff and customers ‘sickened’ after burglars steal charity cash from Melton business

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Police crime news.
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Burglars raided cash from three charity collection tins after breaking into a shared Melton business premises and stole a work van which was later recovered.

Staff at Jumping Jellybeans Soft Play Centre and Mowbray Fireplaces, which share the same premises in Mill Street, Melton, said they were ‘sickened’ by the theft of the money which was being collected for the Air Ambulance, Rainbows Children’s Hospice and the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice Trust - a Staffordshire based charity which provides palliative care for young children and support for their families.

Janet Wilkinson, owner of Jumping Jellybeans and a director of Mowbray Fireplaces, said: “We were distraught that all of the charity money contributed buy our customers so far had been stolen. People who’ve heard about it are absolutely horrified.

“We’re sickened that someone could lower themselves to steal money from a charity. Some day they might need a charity like the Air ambulance themselves.”

The burglars also stole a white Mowbray Fireplaces work van from the premises, after stealing the keys from inside the building. The vehicle was later recovered.

After hearing about the break-in and the theft of the charity cash some kind-hearted people have donated money to replenish the charity tins.

Melton businesswoman Sallyanne Mousley, who runs The Flower Basin on Burton Street, also donated a bouquet of flowers to raffle off to recoup some of the money.

Janet added: “We’d like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has donated money and to Sallyanne for donating the flowers. They’ve all helped restore our faith in people.”

The burglary happened between 5.30pm on Wednesday, April 13 and 8am on Thursday, April 14.

A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said: “About £100 in petty cash was taken from the charity tins. A company vehicle was stolen but was later recovered.”

Anyone who has any information about the break-in should call police on 101.