Police warn youngsters to stop doing ‘wheelies’ on Melton town roads

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Latest news EMN-201001-114832001
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Young people who have been spotted doing ‘wheelies’ on their bicycles on busy town centre roads in Melton have been urged by police to stop doing it for their own safety and that of other road users.

Some photos emerged on social media in the last week showing youngsters pedalling in Melton with their front wheels raised high off the ground while vehicles drive past.

Melton Police officers say they are aware of the issue and have already taken measures to stop it happening.

Sgt Iain Wakelam told the Melton Times: “We’ve already spoken to some of the young people involved.

“There may be an offence of ‘wanton and furious cycling’ which is an old offence governing this.

“We’d like to encourage sensible cycling on the busy highways - if anyone feels the need to show off their skills they should pick the time and place and the town centre isn’t it.”