Police warn Melton residents over courier fraud scam

Police will hold a 'day of action' in Rowlnads Road to address concerns raised by residents
Police will hold a 'day of action' in Rowlnads Road to address concerns raised by residents
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Police have warned Melton residents to be on their guard over a courier fraud scam.

Victims have received a phone call from someone purporting to be a police officer, claiming the victim’s bank account has been fraudulently accessed and that someone has been arrested for the offence.

The victim is then told that in order to progress the investigation, they will need to go to their bank to withdraw money. They’re also told a taxi will arrive to take them to the bank.

In some cases the victim hands over funds that they already have in the house along with their bank cards and PIN number.

A courier arrives at the victim’s address to collect the money, cards, and PIN. The victim is asked to give a password to the courier, which has been given to them previously by the person on the telephone.

The victim may also be asked for personal and banking information.

Leicestershire Police has already received reports from three victims in the county this week who have lost large amounts of cash and their bank cards due to the scam.

Police constable Meryl Bishop, the investigating officer, said: “The victims have been left distressed by these incidents and blame themselves, which reinforces the message that these fraudsters sound plausible and are competent at what they are doing, therefore they must be stopped.

“Those carrying out this crime are very skilled in portraying themselves as authentic police officers, making the scam seem genuine.

“We ask the public to let any elderly or vulnerable family members, friends, or neighbours know about the scam.

“Remember, your bank will never attend your home and neither the bank nor the police will ever collect your bank card or ask for your PIN.”

Anyone who has been a victim or has any information in relation to this scam should call Leicestershire Police on 101. Victims can also contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.