Police warn Melton residents about arrest warrant scam calls

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Latest news EMN-181210-163042001
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Police have warned Melton residents not to be taken in by a telephone scam which could cost them hundreds of pounds.

Officers say they have received several calls to the town station from people who have been called by someone stating there was an international arrest warrant being circulated in their name.

The caller goes on to warn that local police officers will be attending their homes to to arrest them.

Police say anyone who receives a call of this nature, which comes from an 020 number, should not call the number back because it is a premium line which will charge them hundreds of pounds.

A spokesperson for Melton Police said: “Do not give out any personal or financial details if you receive a call like this.

“We will never ask for money in relation to warrants.

“These calls are designed to be unsettling and frighten the recipients into handing over money or details.”

Police have asked anyone who may be affected to share this information with family members and friends.