Police disappointed to catch another 10 speeding motorists at Waltham

Police conducted speed tests EMN-171010-091544001
Police conducted speed tests EMN-171010-091544001
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Police have expressed disappointment after more motorists were caught speeding through a village near Melton.

Officers from the Melton Rural North beat team carried out a speed check operation in Waltham and issued 10 drivers with a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) which results in a fine and points on their licence.

Six drivers were also given words of advice on their driving after being stopped during the initiative, which was carried out at a time when schoolchildren were walking home.

It followed a similar operation which was held in the village early last month when 20 people were caught driving over the limit of 30mph – 11 were issued with a TOR.

Police conducted the operations following complaints from Waltham residents about motorists speeding through their village.

PC Paul Farrar, who who was one of the officers who ran the latest operation, said: “We were disappointed to revisit the village and catch another 16 speeding motorists especially at school leaving time when there are lots of children walking home.

“We spoke to many parents who were picking up their children and they were very grateful to us for taking action and have asked us to come back again.

“The consequences of injuring or killing someone because you are driving too fast are too awful to think about so we’d urge people to stick the speed limit – it’s there for a reason.”