Police arrest more than 100 Leicestershire drink and drug drivers this month

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Police have arrested nearly 100 people for drink-driving across Leicestershire this month, including one person who was more than four times over the limit.

Officers have also taken into custody 23 drivers who were under the influence of drugs while behind the wheel.

The figures released this week by Leicestershire Police, who have been carrying out random breath tests as part of a campaign over the festive season, involve 31 younger motorists aged 24 or under.

Of the arrests, 32 were made following a road traffic collision.

One of the highest roadside breath tests recorded this month was 141, just over four times the legal limit.

Two of the arrests were made in the district of Melton and two in Rutland, with 57 being made in Leicester.

Jonathan Clarkson, spokesperson for the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership, said: “Although the number of people arrested this month is lower than December 2018, which saw 122 drink and 33 drug drivers detained by the roadside, 120 people have taken the risk to drive while they are unfit behind the wheel.

“These people will face the courts and can expect a driving ban, a substantial fine and penalty points on their licence and they will also face increased insurance costs in the future.

“With all these consequences is it worth the risk choosing to drink drug drive?”

The winter drink drug drive campaign ended on New Year’s Eve, but Leicestershire Police say officers will continue to closely monitor potential drink and drug drivers.