Man convicted of causing death of his friend by dangerous driving and seriously injuring Melton pair

The scene of the crash on the A16
The scene of the crash on the A16

A man who caused the death of his friend and seriously injured a pair from Melton in a crash has been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving.

Ismail Kupeli was behind the wheel of Vauxhall Astra when it slammed into a Land Rover on the A16 near Peterborough in April last year.

The scene of the crash on the A16

The scene of the crash on the A16

Kupeli’s friend, Aliriza Ulger, a passenger in the Astra, died from the injuries in the crash, while David Smith - the driver of the Land Rover - and Kay Brown - the Land Rover’s passenger suffered serious injuries.

Peterborough Crown Court heard how Kupeli - who had a Turkish driving licence but not a British one, and was uninsured - was driving on the wrong side of the road when the crash happened.

Kupeli pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving, careless driving and causing death by driving while unlicensed and uninsured, however he denied causing death by dangerous driving and two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

However, a jury of eight men and four women found him guilty of all counts this afternoon following a trial at the court.

The court was told Kupeli (53) of Lordship Lane, Haringey, London, had met Mr Ulger early in the morning, and set off to Grimsby.

The plan had been for Mr Ulger to drive - however he fell ill, and Kupeli took over.

David Gilbert, who was driving a lorry, said Kupeli had overtaken him, and then remained in the wrong carriageway before the collision happened.

Kupeli initially told police he had been in the correct carriageway, but when told witnesses had seen him on the wrong side, he admitted he had been partly on the wrong side.

Mr Ulger died later from his injuries.

Kupeli will be sentenced at Peterborough Crown Court on December 8.