Leicestershire Police issue safety advice after spiking and injecting incidents

A recent spate of social media posts from people complaining they’ve had drinks spiked or been injected with drugs has prompted Leicestershire Police to issue advice to those having a night out.

Tuesday, 26th October 2021, 9:55 am
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Officers urge victims to report any incidents and for people to ask friends to be ‘drinks buddies’ to look out for them in pubs and clubs.

They encourage anyone who believes their drink may have been spiked or they have been injected to report any concerns immediately to the management of the premises they are in.

They can then ensure its reported and appropriate support is offered to individuals.

The county force say they are aware ‘that lots of people are posting about their experiences online and we would encourage them to contact us to let us know what’s happened’.

Ch Supt Shane O’Neill, said: “Spiking, where someone adds drugs or alcohol to another person’s drink or injects them without them knowing, is illegal.

“Whether it’s done as a prank or with the intent to steal from or assault the victim we want people to be vigilant.

“If you’re drinking with strangers be aware of what’s happening around you and if you have any suspicions about someone report them to staff immediately.”

He added: “It’s always good to have a drinks buddy.

“If you’re out with a friend, or friends, keep an eye out for them.

“If they appear to be more drunk than you’d expect, dizzy or slurring their words, take control and make sure they’re okay.

“If you’re concerned, make sure they either get medical help or get home safely.”

Leicestershire Police are working closely with licensing teams at local authorities to ensure premises are aware of these incidents and that they take appropriate action if they receive any reports.

Anyone who has been a victim is asked to call police on 101 or report it online via www.leics.police.uk