Drink drive blitz sees six people arrested in Melton district

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Leicestershire Police caught 74 drink drivers, including six in the Melton district, during a month-long crackdown.

The arrests total for this year’s Christmas campaign was 34 fewer than the previous year’s blitz.

Officers have given an outline of some of the cases which included a driver being stopped after being seen driving erratically and hitting the kerb with a deflated front tyre at the A50/A46 roundabout just after 2.30am on January 1. The driver was seen to be using a mobile phone, smelt strongly of alcohol, was staggering and could barely stand.

Chief Inspector Phil Vickers, said, “Although the overall number of arrests is lower than December 2013 (108) seven people were arrested on January 1 which was the highest figure during the month long campaign.

“There remains a persistent minority of drivers on our roads who choose not to heed our road safety messages and put themselves and other members of the public at risk.

“In addition to increased car insurance costs a drink drive conviction may also have serious repercussions on both your job and family life.”