Controversial Long Clawson Dairy milk silo plans approved

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Long Clawson Dairy has been granted planning permission to extend the height of previously approved milk silos despite strong opposition from villagers.

The dairy - which has been operational in the village since 1911 and occupies a site extending over 5.2 acres of countryside - got approval from Melton Council’s planning committee to extend the height of four milk silos from 11.6 metres to 17 metres.

A previous application for a reconfiguration of the dairy site - including new milk silos - had been granted by the committee.

Prior to Thursday’s meeting planning officers had received 16 letters of complaint objecting to the dairy’s fresh proposals.

Objector Richard Kupfer, who lives near the development, said: “The plans would have a detrimental impact on the village and would compromise St Regimus Church which is a Grade II listed building within the vicinity.

“There’s also widespread concern from residents living in the west end of the village worried about a multiple increase in lorries visiting the site.”

But Kim Kettle, director of Long Clawson Dairy, said the silos would not have an impact on the skyline.

He added: “The business operates on a global stage and we export dairy products to over 42 countries worldwide, providing 370 jobs and using 45 local supplying farms.

“We encourage you to support the proposals to help us remain competitive with other Blue Stilton providers.”

Melton Council leader Byron Rhodes, ward councillor for Long Clawson, spoke in favour of the proposal and said he didn’t think the milk silos would have height implications and strongly recommended approval.

The planning committee voted unanimously to permit the application and said the location of the dairy site shields the visual impact of the silos from many vantage points and that screening around the perimeter of the site reduces sight further.