Charity can help students

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TwentyTwenty, a local education charity, has funds to help Rutland and Melton students with travel costs to their centre where six-month free courses are offered.

TwentyTwenty, which has centres in Loughborough and Leicester, and offers six month free courses to young people aged 16-25, now has funding to pay the travel costs of a limited number of young people from Melton and Rutland. The funds have been provided by the Rutland and Melton Training Fund which is committed to helping young people in rural areas access the support and training they need to get good jobs.

TwentyTwenty’s courses are designed to help students who have left school without achieving their maths and English GCSEs, and who for many reasons could do with some help preparing to enter the job market. The next courses start in October.

All the students registered on courses at the centres benefit from having a mentor to further support and encourage them for a year and the charity, which offers full training and expenses, is looking for volunteers to mentor.

To register for a course, or to find out more call 0300 111 2020, or e-mail