Showbiz Fry

Fry said he had surgery in the first week of January, adding: “It all seemed to go pretty well, they took the prostate out, they took out 11 lymph nodes.

“The various bits that were taken out were examined and it turned out I had a Gleason score of nine and considering ten is the maximum, it was clearly an aggressive little bugger.”

He continued: “So what next? You have to recover and that is what I’ve been doing, in case you’ve been wondering why I’ve been out of the public eye, I’m sure you haven’t!

“But I’ve been keeping my head down as much as possible because you want to get better without strangers sending you cards and letters because you have to reply to them all.

“It’s a bit of a business having an operation like that, there are five holes punctured in you, it’s like being stabbed five times.”

He added: “To the body, it’s the same traumatic effect.

“It’s all pretty undignified and unfortunate.”

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