Cancer battle sparks Sarah’s teetotal effort

Sarah Hamblin, who is going teetotal during January to raise money for a cancer charity EMN-150501-110147001
Sarah Hamblin, who is going teetotal during January to raise money for a cancer charity EMN-150501-110147001
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A young woman who beat cancer is raising money to raise money to help find a cure for the disease.

Sarah Hamblin (30), of Asfordby, was diagnosed two years ago after finding a lump on her leg.

Radiotherapy treatment was successful but she then had to endure her mother battling cancer, which she also did successfully.

Sarah is keen to help others in the same situation and is being sponsored to go teetotal through January.

It is all part of Cancer Research UK’s new year fundraiser called the Dryathon.

The challenge has been tough so far for a self-confessed party girl.

Sarah said: “We had a New Year’s Eve dinner invite and there was Prosecco and Cava wine being served.

“I couldn’t have any and I felt a little bit left out.”

The sacrifice is small, though, compared to the ordeal she went through immediately following her diagnosis.

There were fears she might have to have her leg amputated to prevent it spreading.

Sarah, though, admits she didn’t fully understand the enormity of the challenge she faced after seeing the lump while pulling on a pair of tights.

Doctors eventually told her it was a soft tissue sarcoma with a danger the disease may have spread to her bones.

“To be honest, I’m quite a happy-go-lucky kind of person,” said Sarah, who works at Hallmark, on Saxby Road in Melton.

“Someone said to me ‘you will be fine, you will get through this’ but it hadn’t even entered my head that the disease could kill me.”

Sarah added: “I have been in remission for two years now and I am grateful for the treatment I received.

“Watching my mum go through it was harder for me and she has now been in remissionfor 18 months.”

Paula Young, Cancer Research UK spokesperson for Leicestershire, said: “We’re thrilled that sarah is pledging her support for our Dryathlon campaign this year.

“We hope her incredible story will inspire others in the area to take part.”

Sarah is hoping to raise £250 from her efforts - to sponsor her go online to:

To watch a video clip of Sarah’s charity effort, click here: