Call for Melton homeowners to feature on TV’s Love it or List it, starring property duo Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp

Phil and Kirstie on Love it or List it.
Phil and Kirstie on Love it or List it.
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The production company behind Channel 4’s ‘Love it or List it’ is calling for families from Melton to take part.

The show stars popular property duo Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, who help homeowners who are well and truly fed up with their house.

In a bid to pump some passion into the property, Kirstie is on hand to teach them how to “love it” all over again, while Phil thinks they should sell up and “list it”.

In each episode, Kirstie and Phil will meet a couple whose homeowner dreams have become a property nightmare. Perhaps the house is no longer big enough for an expanding family or maybe dated décor is causing creativity blindness and the need for a change and the household is divided on the best way forward. Once Kirstie and Phil have heard the homeowners plead their case, they go head to head.

Kirstie will set about transforming their current home with the help of an expert team, while Phil will be playing devil’s advocate and using his expertise to explore what they could get for their money elsewhere.

Armed with the homeowner’s budget, Kirstie and her team will transform the house with anything from internal reconfiguration to full on loft conversions in a bid to try and solve the families’ property problems.

Phil said: “It’s a dilemma that most families face at some point in their lives so it will be great to help them navigate what will be the biggest decision they may ever make.”

But no matter if Team Phil or Team Kirstie win out, each week a family will have their property problems solved.

To apply to take part, email or call 0141 427 5880 to speak to one of the team.