‘New Six Hills village would satisfy demands for housing across Leicestershire’

A map showing a proposed garden village at Six Hills Golf Course by developers Gladman Developments EMN-170223-163223001
A map showing a proposed garden village at Six Hills Golf Course by developers Gladman Developments EMN-170223-163223001
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Developers planning a new 3,000-home garden village near Melton say the properties would cater for a demand for houses across the county.

Gladman Developments have approached Melton Council with preliminary proposals to build the scheme at Six Hills.

It would also involve the building of shops, community facilities and businesses, on a triangular parcel of land which is bordered by the A46 Fosse Way to the west, the A6006 Paddy’s Lane (north) and the B676 (Six Hills Lane) to the south.

It is currently occupied by Six Hills Golf Course, including a driving range and clubhouses, a ‘Race Hub’, which has swimming, cycling and training facilities, and Six Hills Farm.

The developer said the proposal had arisen out of the government’s drive for new garden cities, towns and villages to help address the nation’s housing crisis, and in the wake of the publication of the Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA) for Leicestershire’s Councils in January 2017.

A statement this week from Gladman Developments stated: “The Six Hills Garden Village site is strategically located on the A46 between Leicester, Loughborough,Melton and Nottingham, and could assist in meeting un-met housing needs from adjacent local authorities.

“Leicester City Council has recently written to the North West Leicestershire Local Plan examinationstating their grave concerns at being unable to accommodate between 8,834 and 11,840 homes of their identified need over the period up to 2031.

“They are calling for the cooperation of neighbouring authorities to work with them to address their own impending housing crisis.”

The developer said around 500 homes and facilities could be built there in the first phase of work within three years if planning approval was given by councillors.

The company’s planning director, Laurie Lane, said: “Gladman is seeking to proactively work with Melton Borough Council, the local community and other stakeholders across Leicestershire to make Six Hills Garden Village a reality.

“Six Hills Garden Village would be a true and sustainable part of Melton that would support the economy of Melton Mowbray and benefit Leicestershire as a whole.”