More new homes to be built in Melton every year in revised draft Local Plan

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Latest news EMN-170607-104524001
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The number of new homes needed to be built in the Melton borough over the next 20 years has been increased from at least 170 to 245 in the revised draft Local Plan agreed by councillors on Tuesday.

Borough councillors made the change at their Extraordinary Meeting because of new guidance outlined in a countywide housing report known at HEDNA, which was published after the last consultation.

The council decided to revisit the draft plan to make amendments after almost 450 responses were made by the public in November and January and new information was received.

This included the funding by the Government of £2.8 million for a business case for the long-awaited town bypass, which will rely on housing developer contributions.

Routes for the ring road are set to be consulted on by County Hall in September.

And councillors agreed at Tuesday’s meeting to insert a clause in the Local Plan that the council would be prepared to make Compulsory Purchase Orders for land needed for the bypass, which would connect Burton Road, Thorpe Road and Nottingham Road.

Deputy leader, Councillor Leigh Higgins, told the meeting: “The eastern part of the road would be looking to generate £102 million for the economy of the borough.

“This council needs to be aware that without this road the town can’t grow.”

More than 6,000 homes will be needed over the 20-year life of the Plan, with approximately 65 per cent of them in Melton town and the remainder in rural areas.

Housing allocations and development sites for the town and villages have been amended to take into account public comments.

One of the other amendments to the draft Plan is to provide a buffer zone around Melton Country Park in response to requests in the last public consultation.

Land on the boundaries of the park will not be developed to protect wildlife corridors feeding into the park.

Councillor Simon Lumley told the meeting: “The country park is a jewel in the crown for the town and the borough.

“Not just for those who live here but visitors and people who live across the borough.

“I hope we can make an argument for this buffer during the consultation because once it’s gone, it’s gone, if we build on this land.”

The amended draft plan will shortly be put out for a further six weeks public consultation.

The council hopes to submit the final Plan to the Government in early October.

Public Examination hearings will likely then be heard in January ahead of the new Local Plan being adopted next summer.