Melton petrol prices dip below £1 a litre

Tesco on Thorpe Road EMN-151222-125347001
Tesco on Thorpe Road EMN-151222-125347001
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Melton motorists have received an early Christmas present after petrol prices in the town dipped below £1 per litre.

Nationally it’s believed to be the first time in six years fuel prices have fallen to such a level - in response to the cut in the price of wholesale crude oil.

Although Melton’s prices at the pumps are still higher on the whole than some of our neighbouring towns such as Grantham, a trend for which various explanations have been given for over the years, such as local competition, the drop in prices will still be welcomed by local families and businesses.

According to the cost of a litre of unleaded petrol at Tesco in Thorpe Road is 99.9p (checked on Tuesday), with other stations in the town still charging little over £1.

One woman, filling up at Tesco on Tuesday, said she was ‘impressed’ with the price cut.

The woman, who didn’t want to be named, said: “It makes a big difference to the budget every month if you haven’t got to pay an extra £20 on fuel.”

Another Tesco customer, Melton man Mark Bown, said: “I do about 12,000 miles a year so I’m very pleased about it.”

Grantham man Darren Cooper said: “To be fair I don’t really look at the price. You pay what you pay at the end of the day but paying less for fuel does make a difference. I drive up to 400 miles per week so it does add up.”

Pam Posnett, chairwoman of the Leicestershire County Council Highway Forum for Melton, also welcomed the town’s petrol price cut.

She said: “It’s good news for people, especially in the run-up to Christmas when everyone is watching their money. That little extra saving helps.

“I know in the past petrol prices in Melton seem to have been higher than surrounding places, with people going to places like Thurmaston instead to do their shopping where fuel is cheaper, so it’s nice to see that Melton isn’t bucking the trend in terms of prices coming down.”

According to (as of December 20) prices per litre in Melton were:

l Tesco, Thorpe Road: 99.9p (unleaded), 103.9 (diesel)

l Esso, Nottingham Road: 101.9 (unleaded), 104.9 (diesel)

l BP, Leicester Road: 102.9p (unleaded), 106.9 (diesel)

l BP (HKS), Thorpe Road: 103.9 (unleaded), 103.9 (diesel)