Holwell benefits from faster broadband

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Residents in Holwell who campaigned for superfast broadband say their lives have been transformed now it’s available there.

The county council-led Superfast Leicestershire partnership with BT has delivered download speeds of up to 80 Mbps to Holwell – 20 times faster than what was previously available.

Local resident and digital champion Simon Wilkinson-Blake, who led the campaign, said: “Using the Internet was often difficult, with households having to limit themselves to one application at a time. Now we have fibre broadband, some residents who’ve upgraded have seen over a twenty-fold increase in speeds.

“This is game-changing because it means we can at last use different connected devices simultaneously and also enjoy many Internet applications previously inaccessible to us.”

Home-based travel counsellor Sally Willars, who has seen her average broadband speed increase from 1Mbps to 50Mbps, added: “Before we had fibre broadband it would sometimes take me hours to source the perfect holiday or travel solution but I can now do most in about half an hour depending upon the type of request.”