Drinks maker in Bottesford takes message to new heights

Belvoir Fruit Farms' managing director Pev Manners tries out the new balloon,
Belvoir Fruit Farms' managing director Pev Manners tries out the new balloon,
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A leading soft drinks manufacturer has reached new heights to spread the word about the business.

Belvoir Fruit Farms, based in Bottesford, has invested a five figure sum in a special tea drop shaped hot air balloon.

The balloon, which can carry a pilot and two crew, has already become a familiar sight at summer shows and festivals across the country.

Pev Manners, managing director of Belvoir Fruit Farms, which employs 80 people, said: “We’re so excited about getting our stunning new balloon airborne.

“We believe it will enhance our presence at a series of events and shows over the summer, and engage the consumer more fully with the Belvoir brand. 

He added: “We’ll interact with a larger audience wherever it is flown, really giving them something to remember us by and hopefully prompt them to enjoy more of our lovely drinks.

“And personally, I’m looking forward to checking on the progress of the elderflowers from the air next year to see if they’re ready for harvest.”

The balloon stands at 31 metres high, is 18 metres in diameter and 2690m3 in volume.

In addition to the company name and slogan ‘a little drop of lovely’, the balloon is covered in the iconic elderflower associated with Belvoir’s core product, Elderflower Cordial.

The £16 million a year turnover Belvoir Fruit Farms grows 90 acres of elderflower in the Vale of Belvoir and is thought to have the only commercial plantations of elderflowers in the country.

The new balloon made an appearance at the Chatsworth Country Fair last weekend and its final outing this summer will be the Thames Food Festival on September 29 to October 1.

Belvoir Fruit Farms has produced more than 20 million bottles supplying a range of about 15 cordials and 14 pressé varieties.

Mr Manners said it was hoped the balloon would provide an “impactful and innovative way” to interact with consumers at festivals and shows over the summer.