Council submits plans to develop new cattle building at Melton Livestock Market

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A £5.5m project to regenerate Melton’s Livestock Market, securing its future at the current site for the next 20 years, has moved another step forward.

A planning application has been submitted to develop a new cattle building and associated facilities at the livestock market, which forms a part of the whole market site.

A design and access statement accompanying Melton Council’s application says: “The present cattle facilities are outdated, inefficiently laid out and in need of repair.

“The new modern facility is designed to meet the farming community’s future needs. It will also bring animal welfare improvements with covered penning, less stock handling and easy circulation routes reducing stress to animals, as well as improved bio-security. The new cattle building will be a focus point for the market, designed to support the farming community.”

The application will be decided in due course.