Another group of travellers set up camp on Melton town centre car park

Burton Street travellers in June 2015'PHOTO: Tim Williams EMN-150708-163333001
Burton Street travellers in June 2015'PHOTO: Tim Williams EMN-150708-163333001
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Families of gypsies have again parked on a Melton town centre car park two months after more than half the spaces were taken up by a group of travellers and their vehicles.

There are only a small number of caravans at present on the site, off Burton Street, but borough council officials are concerned more could arrive over the weekend.

The concern is there may not be enough spaces for workers and shoppers to park tomorrow on the busy Saturday and on Tuesday when the street market is in operation.

David Blanchard, the council’s corporate property officer said: “The council is aware of the situation. “Representatives from Melton Borough Council, the police and the county liaison officer have all spoken with the two families and we are working together making sure that we are in a position to deal with the matter as soon as possible.

“The families have informed us when they intend to move but, as a belt and braces approach, we are preparing the paperwork for legal to sign off today so it can be served on Monday morning should they still be on site.”

In the previous incident at the car park back in June, a large group of gypsies moved onto the site en route to the annual Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria.

They moved on swiftly after a legal notice requiring the travellers to leave was served by police, at the request of Melton Council.

Mr Blanchard added: “It is unusual to have families like these in such small numbers and we do have some concern that more may arrive.

“If this does happen the method of dealing with this alters. We will be monitoring the situation over the course of the weekend, accordingly, and the relevant officers will be liaising with each other.”