Ancient Melton charities are calling for new trustees

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Two ancient Melton charities are looking for new trustees.

They are Robert Hudson’s Almhouses, which owns the Bede House in Burton Street, and Henry Storer’s Charity, which provides for the poor of the town.

The charities date back 400 and 300 years respectively, and in the last 200 years have been run together.

Their current major project is to build six new alms-flats in Fox Yard, Leicester Street – the charity owns and derives most of its income from the row of shops and flats, from the corner of Park Lane to the Fox Inn.

Under the will of the founders, when by death or retirement the member of trustees is reduced to two, they shall appoint ‘eight or 10 honest men of the town’ to take over from them. Retirement now beckons some of the three surviving trustees, and they are in appointment mode for the first time for 30 years or more.

The trustees are looking for men or women committed to the town by residency or work, aged 20 to 60, with an interest in furthering the town’s independent institutions, and a range of talent which might include social work, housing provision, investment and the management of property. The trustees meet once or twice a year.

If you are interested, write to Heather Hetherington, secretary to the charities, at County Chambers, Kings Road, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1QF and tell her a little about yourself and why you are interested.

The trustees intend to hold an open evening in January with potential trustees.