Ancient bottles unearthed

WEDNESDAY: An old rubbish tip in an Owston man's back garden has revealed a bounty of bottles.

John Williams was digging in his garden when he came across the buried treasure which includes locally brewed beer bottles.

He said: "I was repairing an old wall in my garden when I unearthed all these bottles. There are about 30 which are still intact but about for 200 in total, most of them broken.

"It must have been an old tip or something. In those days I don't suppose there were refuse collections and we're quite a long way from Langham and Oakham, where some of the bottles are from, so it probably wasn't worth returning them."

The more interesting bottles include examples of a pop bottle from T Challans of Oakham and the brewers HH Parry from Langham.

Mr Williams said: "I would like to know more about the HH Parry brewery and T Challans.

"But I'm really interested in this bottle that says Monsters. It's funny that an old bottle, possibly from the end of the 19th century is called Monsters when there is a large American drinks company called Monster."

With a little bit of research on the internet, Times Past can shed some light on HH Parry.

According to a Henry Harrison Parry bought the Langham brewery in 1895 from a Leicester firm.

He employed a certain George Ruddle as manager and, following Mr Parry's death, Mr Ruddle bought the brewery and thus, the world famous Ruddles was born.

But the excitement of Mr Williams's find does not end there. He also uncovered what we at Times Past towers believe is a Codd-neck bottle.

It's a glass bottle with a small marble in the neck to act as a stopper for fizzy drinks, including beer.

They were invented 1872 and popular into the 20th century.

Whether Mr Williams's example is an original made in London would take an expert but we thought it was exciting nonetheless.

Do you know anything about the bottles found? Contact the Melton Times.