Belvoir Brewery's Stilton beer makes new book on world's craziest ales

A strange beer brewed at Belvoir Brewery, using a by-product from the Stilton cheese-making process, has won international acclaim by featuring in a new book.

Thursday, 18th August 2016, 9:15 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:17 pm
Belvoir Brewery director/head brewer Colin Brown with a bottle of their Blue Brew and copy of the new book EMN-160816-133317001

Blue Brew, a 4.2 per cent ABV chestnut-coloured beer, is made by mixing local Stilton whey from a local dairy with unfermented beer wort, creating a unique smooth taste and light creamy texture.

The unique beer was originally launched by the Old Dalby-based brewery in 2010 after it teamed up with the Stilton Cheesemakers’ Association to create it as a one-off.

Now the wacky creation is back in the international spotlight after it was chosen to feature in a new book ‘Brewed with Balls’ which is all about strange and wonderful beers from around the world.

The book, published by Melbourne-based company Affirm Press, features 65 of the most outlandish beers on the planet, created with ingredients and brewing techniques that push the boundaries in all directions.

Its author, Stephanie Bishop-Hall, contacted Belvoir Brewery earlier this year after the Blue Brew had caught her attention.

Colin Brown, director and head brewer at Belvoir Brewery, said: “We occasionally brew something a bit odd but Blue Brew is way out there.

“We were thrilled to hear it was going to feature in a book celebrating the weirdest and most wonderful beers ever dreamt up by brewers all over the world.

“We’re absolutely delighted as there are only two English beers featured in the book and one of them is brewed here.

“They’ve done a great job with the book and a very big thanks goes out to Steph and the team for all the effort they’ve clearly put in.

“Not only is it a great book but we think it will make a fantastic present for anybody who is remotely interested in beers.”

Colin said the Blue Brew was originally done in cask but is now sold in bottles mainly.

He explained the Stilton whey for the beer is taken from a local dairy on the same day it makes the cheese, with the whey then infused with the unfermented beer wort and boiled with hops.

He said: “Most of each brew goes into bottles but we do rack a small amount of beer into casks for the more adventurous pubs/publicans/drinkers

“Unfortunately we have just run out of stock of Blue Brew but are currently planning our next brew to have plenty of stock in the run up to Christmas so will probably have some back in stock in October.”

If you’d like to buy a copy of the book they’re available from the Belvoir Alehouse, at the front of the brewery, priced at £12.80. For all other enquiries please call the brewery direct on (01664) 823455.