Optometrist’s swift work saves Terry’s sight

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Amateur photographer Terry Wright says the quick-thinking of a Vision Express optometrist saved the sight in his right eye.

Now the Melton man is urging anyone with vision problems to seek immediate advice.

Terry (68) noticed a severe increase in floaters in his right eye and flashes of light, but put off getting it checked, believing it was temporary.

Floaters are like little black specks or spots that seem to float around within your visual field.

Floaters are common. If they’re long-standing and not changing they’re harmless, but if they occur in very large numbers, increase in number, if they’re of recent onset or if there’s a curtain effect or veil appearing this could be a sign of a retinal tear or detachment and you should seek urgent medical advice.

When Terry eventually visited Vision Express in High Street, optometrist Krishna Parmar referred him immediately to the local eye hospital for emergency treatment.

Terry said: “I was out on a photographic assignment last April and when I got back to the car I could see black floating lines all across my right eye, and flashes of light. I left it for about three days, thinking it would probably get better.

“As soon as I told Krishna my symptoms she said I should go straight to hospital.”

Terry, who had suffered a torn retina, added: “They carried out emergency laser treatment and told me if I’d waited another couple of days I would probably have lost the sight in that eye.”

Krishna said: “Terry told me he’d had a sudden increase in floaters and flashes of light in his eye. His experience shows just how important it is that people are aware of the signs and symptoms to look for in cases like this, and they should see someone straight away if there is a problem.”

Terry added: “I’m so grateful. If it hadn’t been for Krishna and Vision Express I could have lost the sight in my eye. Not only was it sorted out in time, thankfully there are no lasting effects. I’d recommend anyone with the slightest worry about their vision gets it checked out immediately.”