Stunning new wall art aims to inspire Melton pupils

Something wonderful has happened at a Melton school over the summer holidays.

Wednesday, 2nd September 2020, 5:49 pm
Headteacher Hayley Cheeseman (right) with pupils and a colleague at The Grove Primary School, Melton, showing off one of the exciting new wall wraps EMN-200209-132742001

The interior of The Grove Primary School has undergone a stunning transformation while pupils have been off.

They returned last week to find the walls daubed with larger than life murals, featuring images, portraits and quotes from their favourite characters and interests.

The children have clearly been enchanted by their new surroundings and it has come as a welcome boost following the extended period of many of them being confined to home at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the new wall wraps at The Grove School, Melton EMN-200209-135155001

The wall wraps have made the school a brighter place and created a unique and special experience for pupils.

The colourful displays focus on the school’s new curriculum, which is centred around celebrating vocabulary and a love of reading with their motto, ‘Exploring The World With Words.’

Headteacher Hayley Cheeseman told the Melton Times she was delighted with the wall wraps.

She said: “Over the past two years we have spent a lot of time designing and reviewing a reading curriculum based on memorable and influential books and characters.

“It is now really important to us that the school environment is reflective of our school values and of our passion for reading.

“As a school we will continue our journey to motivate and support all children to find a love of reading and to make their experience of school a special one that they treasure forever.”

Feedback from the school’s pupils and their parents has been very positive.

One child said: “The school looks amazing. What a lovely surprise.”

Mrs Cheeseman added: “It has been lovely putting a smile on so many faces after what has been a really tough time for so many people.

“Our priority will always be to keep our children safe and happy.”

Staff at The Grove want all of their pupils to develop a life-long love for learning and to aim high. They hope that the new, inspiring environment for pupils to learn and discover new things and the impactful new designs raise their aspirations while bringing their exciting reading curriculum to life.