‘Good’ Ofsted report for Old Dalby Primary School

Pupils celebrate their good Ofsted with headteacher Rosie Browne PHOTO: Supplied
Pupils celebrate their good Ofsted with headteacher Rosie Browne PHOTO: Supplied
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Consistent progress being made at Old Dalby Primary School has been acknowledged by Ofsted inspectors.

The school’s latest short inspection report, carried out last month, rates the school as ‘good’ overall.

The school’s previous Ofsted report, in February 2012, was also judged to be good.

Her Majesty’s Lead inspector Clive Moss noted that the school has sustained a strong, caring ethos, but have not sacrificed in any way a clear ambition for the pupils to achieve well academically.

He said: “The school offers a well-cared-for, welcoming, stimulating and vibrant environment,highly conducive to learning, indoors and out. It is a nice place to be and contributes importantly to the pupils’ sense of well-being, to their positive attitudes and, consequently, good behaviour.

“You have put considerable efforts into creating a curriculum that provides many and varied opportunities for the pupils to develop their writing skills. This was something picked out at the last inspection of your predecessor school as needing improvement.”

Mr Moss felt that improvements could be made by ensuring disadvantaged pupils make more progress than they do currently and that more focus should be made on the development of the school’s approach to assessing pupils’ progress.

Headteacher Rosie Browne said: “We’re very proud of our report. We’ve worked very hard to maintain our ‘good’ standard and are always looking for ways to improve further, so welcome the feedback given.

“In the report we are called innovative and imaginative which is such a huge compliment. As staff we put so much effort into finding new ways to teach and inspire our pupils.”