Feature: Empowering children through yoga with Kirby Bellars-based instructor Emma Ansell

Yoga instructor Emma Ansell with pupils from Wymondham Primary School PHOTO: Tim Williams
Yoga instructor Emma Ansell with pupils from Wymondham Primary School PHOTO: Tim Williams
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Exams can be a stressful time for children at school and it is vital parents and teachers support youngsters to keep them calm.

To release tension and anxiety Kirby Bellars-based yoga instructor Emma Ansell teaches yoga in schools to help children express their feelings in a healthy and productive way.

She has taught meditation, visualisation and relaxation techniques at Old Dalby Primary School, Waltham Primary and Wymondham Primary School.

“Yoga is great for motor skills but also to help children focus and manage emotional wellbeing and mental health,” said mother of two Emma.

“It is essential that we help our young people deal with the stresses and strains, that I think they shouldn’t have to be exposed to but are in modern society.

“Teaching children how to stay healthy both physically and mentally for them to have a fulfilling life is the greatest gift.

“Stress, anxiety and mental health problems are hugely debilitating and sadly prolific in our youth of today so I feel yoga should be part of the curriculum amongst the testing and pressure that seems to be constant.

“I always start my sessions by explaining about breathing, noticing breath and saying that it is our special friend, our magic ingredient that helps us feel calm and happy.”

Such is the popularity of Emma’s classes parents have asked her to start a yoga after school club, which is something she’s looking to do at Brooksby Melton College, where she already teaches an adult class on Wednesday at 6pm.

Emma also regularly teaches yoga in pre-schools including Knossington and Somerby, Langham and Whissendine Pre-school.

She said: “I have done a group session with the Oasis Family Centre and Nursery and have cost and booking enquiries from other Melton pre-schools.

“I tend to work on story based sessions with very little children aged three to four years old. I do something either dictated by the season or what themes they have at school.

“Spring is coming up and I do growing from seeds and balancing, it’s just a creative way to access the postures.

“My sessions are all fairly gentle for children to explore their body, movement and strength.

“I use music, and tend to work on mats and in circles. I have some stories that I adapt too. Children lie down for final relaxation to help them understand quiet and calm. They all love that bit!”

Yoga is fun, creative and non-competitive. The use of animated poses and basic stretching promotes strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. So to find out more about the yoga classes Emma teaches look her up on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/clubansell/ or call 07771 571183.