Children’s author shares tales with young book readers at John Ferneley College

Author Abi Elphinstone spoke to pupils about her book 'Dreamsnatcher' 'PHOTO: Supplied
Author Abi Elphinstone spoke to pupils about her book 'Dreamsnatcher' 'PHOTO: Supplied
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Year five and eight pupils from schools within the Mowbray Education Trust (MET) were luck enough to meet and listen to stories from an award winning children’s author.

Over 340 children from Brownlow, Ab Kettleby, The Grove, Somerby and the MET partnership schools, St Hugh’s and St John’s in Grantham, came together at John Ferneley College, to hear Abi Elphinstone share her story of becoming a bestselling writer.

Abi is heralded as writing the Best Children’s Book of 2015 by The Guardian. Her book, ‘Dreamsnatcher’ is still taking the children’s book world by storm.

She told the children tales of her adventures gathering ideas for her stories and brought in a range of souvenirs, including a wolf fang, catapult and tribal hat, to show pupils.

The aim of the day was to improve children’s literacy skills. It culminated in a celebration assembly where pupils were given prizes and a goody bag with their own copy of one of Abi’s books inside.

Matthew Garratt a pupil at Brownlow said: “I thought it was a spectacular day out. Abi was funny and incredibly confident. I cannot wait until she publishes the last book in the trilogy.”

Archie Fiddes a pupil at The Grove Primary School said: “Thank you for having us for a literacy morning. It was awesome and I love my book.”

Mrs Tyler a teacher at The Grove said: “To see the children so engaged was brilliant, when they were working in partners there was a real sense of collaboration.”