Brooksby Melton College leases high-spec tractors to help agricultural students on the road to success

The brand new fleet of John Deere tractors at Brooksby Melton College PHOTO: Supplied
The brand new fleet of John Deere tractors at Brooksby Melton College PHOTO: Supplied
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A fleet of brand new John Deere tractors have been delivered to Brooksby Melton College (BMC), to help students with their agricultural studies.

The tractors, which include two 5055E models, three 5085M models with a loader, one 6100M model and a 6130R model are all being leased by the college for three years.

Notably, the 6130R model feature Green Star Display and JDLink Connect, the latter being software that allows staff and students to view critical information about the machine, transer important data wirelessly and receive remote maintenance alerts and diagnostics.

The machines will be used by BMC’s agriculture, horticultural and countryside learners to carry out a variety of activities throughout the academic year.

BMC agriculture students have been sowing and cultivating three hectares of winter wheat, which they will monitor, periodically completing important tasks such as fertilising the crops.

BMC tutor, Jerry Wilkes, said: “These tractors are a fantastic upgrade of the agricultural education resources at the college. They’re all higher specification models, so they have allowed us to incorporate new technology and progressive farming practices into the agricultural curriculum.

“The mid-range 5055 series models will help students to progress from entry-level tractors onto those with a larger horsepower. The top-of-the-range 6100M tractors are equipped with satellite navigation, which will allow our more advanced students to learn how to carry out precision farming.”

BMC is a leading provider of agricultural education in the East Midlands, with students having the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in every aspect. The 850 acre Brooksby Campus features a mixed arable and livestock farm, housing several pedigree prize-winning pigs along with a flock of sheep and a herd of cows.

A series of insightful open and taster days are put on throughout the year to allow applicants to get a feel for what being a BMC student is really like, with taster days also including a hands-on, practical session in a specific subject area.

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