National World Publishing Limited - Community Guidelines (“National World”)

National World encourages reader discussion on our stories. User feedback, insights and back-and-forth exchanges add a rich layer of context to reporting.

The following guidelines are designed to encourage and support open discussions across the National World network. The same guidelines apply to any content submitted to or any site within the National World network.

  1. In order to leave comments on websites within the National World network, all users must register and login to comment on stories, in accordance with our website Terms and Conditions and Privacy notice.
  2. Users agree not to submit inappropriate content, including:
    1. a. Any content that violates copyright, trademarks or intellectual property law;
    2. b. Any content that is libellous or defamatory;
    3. c. Personal attacks against other commenters;
    4. d. Harassing, intimidating, hateful, abusive or offensive language;
    5. e. Personal information of other commenters such as an address, phone number, email or any personal data whatsoever;
    6. f. Advertising a product or service; and
    7. g. Users agree not to attempt to log on using another user’s account.
  3. Users agree not to impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or an organisation.
  4. Moderators can remove comments that violate the Community Guidelines. Users can flag material for moderators to review.
  5. Users can be banned for egregious or repeated violations of the Community Guidelines.
  6. Comments which are written in all caps, contain unusual punctuation or spacing, or are generally illegible can be removed at the discretion of National World.
  7. Comments that are off-topic or repeated from other comment threads can be removed at the discretion of National World.
  8. Users cannot impersonate other people in the comments.
  9. Advertising is not permitted in the comments.
  10. Links shared in user’s comments are subject to removal if they do not add to the conversation. National World discourages and will remove self-promotion.
  11. Users are fully responsible for all of their own submitted content and give National World the right to use any submitted content. If users discover comments which violate copyright, trademark or intellectual property, it is the user’s responsibility to remove the content.
  12. National World reserves the right to remove any content at any time without notifying the user.
  13. National World reserves the right to ban users from commenting on any or all websites within the National World network at any time without notice to the user. If a user wishes to dispute an imposed ban, please contact [email protected]
  14. National World reserves the right to disable commenting on any story at any time, without notifying users.

Commenting FAQs

  1. Do I have to register to comment?

    Yes. You have to register and log in to comment on the site.

  2. Can I remove or edit a comment?

    You can edit a comment up to five minutes after you post the comment. You cannot remove a comment once the five-minute window closes. National World generally does not remove comments once they have been shared in the conversation unless the comment violates the Community Guidelines. If a user is of the opinion that a comment should be removed, please contact [email protected]

  3. I flagged a comment, but it’s still showing on the site. What happened?

    All flagged comments are reviewed by a moderator. If a user flags a comment and still sees it on the site after a reasonable period of time, it was either reviewed and deemed not to breach the Community Guidelines by a moderator, or it is still being reviewed. If the matter is urgent, please contact [email protected] with all relevant details, such as the link to the article where the comment resides.

  4. Why did I get banned?

    Users are banned if they are found to have violated the Community Guidelines. User bans range from lasting 1 hour to being permanent, depending on a user’s commenting history and the nature of the offensive comment that led to the ban. Bans are made at the discretion of moderators.