Your views on how to enhance town centre

Melton Market Place EMN-171101-145518001
Melton Market Place EMN-171101-145518001
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Melton Times readers have been having their say on what can be done to make the town more attractive for shoppers and tourists.

We reported last week that a new study had been published showing Melton was doing well compared to other large market towns in the UK.

Footfall was increasing, there was a wide range of independent traders and a thriving street market, according to the Town Benchmarking Report, which refers to earliest available figures from 2015.

Melton Council was due to discuss the report at a meeting last night, with car parking and the night economy highlighted as issues which needed addressing.

Readers have been getting in touch via our Facebook page, such as Glyn Cartwright, who wrote: “Like many other small towns Melton would benefit from more shops, less hairdressers, travel agents, e-cig outlets and phone shops.

“Also, better parking (a multi-storey maybe).”

Donna Hughes posted: “Get rid of half the charity shops and the supermarkets for a start.

“Do we really need that many? Bring in more high street shops, make the market bigger and better.”

Gavin Bissell suggested free parking and better high street shops would improve Melton.

Stacy Brown feels Melton concentrates too much on providing events for people who don’t live here.

She wrote: “The town caters for everyone else but its residents.

“They’re much more concerned about the coach loads of OAPs on their days out.

“About 95 per cent of everything I want to buy, I go to Grantham.”

Emily Blower said she would like to see a wider variety of shops in Melton but added: “I do think this town has so many lovely things to offer.

“I can see so much regeneration and opportunity here compared to where I am from.”

Melton Council said car parking initiatives, vacant unit schemes and enhanced landscaping will soon support businesses, events and campaigns, to drive footfall into the town.

Councillor Joe Orson, chair of the rural, economic and environmental affairs committee, which was due to discuss the report last night, said: “The 2015 report is extremely encouraging, showing a positive trend in the town centre’s rising footfall, car park occupancy and visitor numbers, in comparison to national and regional declines.

“It clearly shows the importance of marketing campaigns, events, markets and experiences in driving footfall to our town centre.”